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24/7 Expert Locksmith & Security are here for you. Simply let us know this is an emergency, and we will inform our technicians and respond accordingly.

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Auto Locksmith Services

Emergency Locksmith Services

Expert Locksmith provides emergency locksmith services in Austin. Our locksmiths will respond immediately to any emergency lock change that you encounter. We provide 24 hour emergency locksmith service for people locked out of their home, repairing broken deadbolt locks, and extracting broken keys from cylinders. We are professional and friendly locksmiths that take care of any lock emergency you may have in Austin City. Our emergency locksmith rates are competitive and our ability to be where your lock problem has occurred anywhere in Austin sets us above anyone else.


Emergency locksmith service for business and apartment buildings:

We have experience in providing emergency locksmith services for small office buildings or large retail stores located in the Austin City area. We provide services for Master systems, commercial locks re-key, apartment lock repair and commercial lock installations.

We install and service all types of security products ranging from electronic, mechanical, combination, card or digital keypad, reader, magnetic or proximity scanners, in order to provide your business with the latest security features.