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Subaru Car Keys

Expert Car Locksmith offers all services for your Subaru key needs. We at Expert Car Locksmith have quality, qualified technicians that have extensive experience with all Subaru brands of car keys and locking systems. You can be confident you are getting the service you are looking for with Expert Car Locksmith.

Our quality techs are available 24 hours a day.

Expert Car Locksmith services the San-Antonio Metropolitan area for any of your Subaru car key needs.

Expert Car Locksmith service techs are veterans when it comes to Subaru car key service. We provide prompt service at affordable rate. With Expert Car Locksmith feel confident that your Subaru is in good hands

Most Common Subaru Car Locksmth Services

  • Subaru High Security Keys
  • Subaru Broken Key Removal
  • Subaru Car Locksmith Services
  • Subaru Door Lock Repair
  • Honada Emergency Locksmith
  • Subaru High Security Keys Cutting
  • Subaru High Security Keys Programming
  • Subaru Ignition Installation
  • Subaru Ignition Rekey
  • Subaru Ignition Repair
  • Subaru Ignition Replacement
  • Subaru Ignition Switch Key Replacement
  • Subaru Key Cutting (with/without chip)
  • Subaru Key Duplication (with/without chip)
  • Subaru Key Programming
  • Subaru Keyless Entry Remote Cutting
  • Subaru Keyless Entry Remote Programming
  • Subaru Keyless Entry Remote Replacement
  • Subaru Lock Out
  • Subaru Lock Pick
  • Subaru Locked Vehicles Opening
  • Subaru Lockout Service
  • Subaru Lost Car Keys
  • Subaru Lost Keys
  • Subaru Re-Flash ECU
  • Subaru Rekey (Ignition/locks)
  • Subaru Remote/Key Replacement
  • Subaru Replacement Keys (Lost, Broken, Worn Keys)
  • Subaru Transponder Key Cutting (with/without chip)
  • Subaru Transponder Key Programming
  • Subaru Trunk Lock Out

Locksmith Services Available for Following Subaru Models:

Daihatsu Tanto Exe Subaru Legacy (fifth generation)
Prodrive P2 Subaru Legacy (first generation)
Subaru 1000
Subaru Legacy (fourth generation)
Subaru 1500 Subaru Legacy (second generation)
Subaru 1600 Subaru Legacy (sixth generation)
Subaru 360 Subaru Legacy (third generation)
Subaru 450 Subaru Leone
Subaru Alcyone Subaru Levorg
Subaru Alcyone SVX Subaru Liberty
Subaru B9 Scrambler Subaru Liberty Exiga
Subaru B9sc Subaru Lucra
Subaru Baja Subaru Mini Jumbo
Subaru Bighorn Subaru Outback
Subaru BRAT Subaru Pleo
Subaru Brumby Subaru R-2
Subaru BRZ Subaru R1
Subaru BRZ Concept STI Subaru R1e
Subaru Dex Subaru R2
Subaru Elaion Subaru Rex
Subaru Exiga Subaru Sambar
Subaru FF-1 Star Subaru SRD-1
Subaru Fiori Subaru Stella
Subaru Forester Subaru Sumo
Subaru G Subaru TransCare
Subaru G3X Justy Subaru Traviq
Subaru G4e Subaru Trezia
Subaru Impreza Subaru Tribeca
Subaru Impreza (second generation) Subaru Vivio
Subaru Justy Subaru Vortex
Subaru Legacy Subaru XT
Toyota 86

Lost Subaru Car Keys, or Need to Get a Duplication?

Rekeying ignition and locks

From the Subaru Model, any Year, the Oldest to the Newest.


Known Issues with Subaru Ignitions / Lock: 

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